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Good news for home owners

Posted: 14th June 2011 / No Comments

As we approach summer the sun could finally be shining for home owners after property experts reported that rock bottom interest rates could remain for up to three years.

Economists have stated that they do not expect interest rates to rise for several months, with some even predicting they will not move until 2014. This comes following the news that pressure on the Bank of England to raise rates eased last month after manufacturing costs increased less than expected. Economists believe the boost will soon filter through to consumers, leading to an overall drop in inflation, which would in turn further relieve pressure on the Bank to raise its base lending rate.

In addition, household inflation expectations have fallen for the first time in more than two years, pointing to a bright outlook for home owners this summer.

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tweetmilne recommends…

Posted: 9th June 2011 / No Comments

Being the helpful people that we are we’ve created a list of property personalities we think are worth following on Twitter.

•    @sarahbeeny
A well-known property presenter, who is best know for fronting ‘Property Ladder’. Mother, author and founder of and

•    @tepilo UK
Launched in July 2009, is Channel 4 presenter Sarah Beeny’s alternative way to buy, sell or let your home for free.

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Worldwide renting boom

Posted: 2nd June 2011 / No Comments

Most of you will probably already have heard property experts predict that Britain will become a nation of renters within a generation, but did you know the industry is currently experiencing a worldwide renting boom!

Online American magazine,, recently reported that the American economy is also making a significant shift from buying to renting, with many Americans actually electing to rent. Since 2006, the number of American households that rent rose to 700,000 a year, whilst the number of households that own fell by about 200,000 a year. In previous years, Americans have been focused on the ‘American dream’ of putting down roots and owning a home, but recent reports state that 70% of Americans now admit that renting offers advantages that home ownership doesn’t.

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Discover our latest treats

Posted: 1st June 2011 / No Comments

As we’re sure many of you are already aware, last month we launched our brand new treatmilne card. The card is given out by our lovely FleetMilne team to people who we feel deserve a bit of a treat.

We’ve got a whole host of fantastic treats and if you follow @tweetmilne on Twitter or become a fan of FleetMilne on Facebook we will keep you up-to-date on new or changed offers.

Also, because we have to, there is a bundle of treatmilne terms and conditions so please check these and remember that our partners are entitled to change their offers so make sure you call before you book.

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Good communication

Posted: 1st June 2011 / No Comments

Following our sponsorship of the Communications Category at the Birmingham Young Professional of the Year Awards (BYPY) last month, we thought we’d take a quick look at how you can improve your everyday communication skills.

Nicola Fleet-Milne, Glenn Howell, Alex Burrows, Derek Redmond, Katharine Merry

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Generation rent

Posted: 1st June 2011 / No Comments

Recent reports suggest that British culture may be taking a step closer to a continental lifestyle, but before you begin daydreaming about siestas and long lunches we’re talking about adopting the European property habit; renting.

This comes after a recent study by The Telegraph revealed that almost two thirds of prospective home owners believe they will never own their own property. Ever since Margaret Thatcher first introduced the radical Housing Act in 1980, home-ownership has been at the heart of government policy. The proportion of homes that are owner-occupied has risen from 50% at the start of the 1970s to 69% now, far higher than in Germany or in France, where many rent their homes. However, recent statistics now show that Britain may become a nation of renters, with 64% of non-home owners resigned to the fact they will never own their own property.

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